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Pyric Herbivory: Rewilding Landscapes through the Recoupling of Fire and Grazing

Data collected from the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in the southern Great Plains of North America that demonstrates that the interaction between free-roaming bison and random fires promotes heterogeneity and provides the foundation for biological diversity and ecosystem function of North American and African grasslands. Learn more

by Fuhlendorf, Engle, Kerby, and Hamilton


Landscape heterogeneity has been a primary focus of the ecological management plan at The Nature Conservancy's Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in northeastern Oklahoma. Since 1993, an expanding bison herd has been interacting with randomly selected burn patches that reflect the historical seasonality and frequency of fire. Learn more

by Bob Hamilton

Lessons from the Prairie

Since it's 1989 inception, the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve (TGPP) has been a focal point of ecological research in Oklahoma. Researchers from Oklahoma State University, the University of Tulsa, the George M. Sutton Avian Research Center and several other institutions have been actively involved in studying the flora, fauna, and forces that characterize and shape the tallgrass prairie landscape. Learn more

by Allen, Hamilton, Melcher, and Palmer

Restoring Heterogeneity on Rangelands:
Ecosystem Management Based on Evolutionary Grazing Patterns

Because they can embrace extensive native plant communities, rangelands can serve as biodiversity repositories. However, in the Great Plains of the United States, where decisions about land use are made largely at the discretion of the private landowner, many plant and animal species dependent on rangelands are imperiled Learn more

by Sam Fuhlendorf and David M. Engle

Osage County History

Osage County. The Osage Nation. The Osage. Different ways of describing the same place. I prefer The Osage, because its geography and geology, plentiful wildlife and mix of vegetation, rich history and extraordinary cast of characters stretch far beyond mere legal jurisdiction or tribal legacy, giving it almost a mystical cast. Learn more

by Jenk Jones

Just Keep it Simple.

Rangeland management based on patch burning and grazing can benefit both wildlife and livestock. Learn more

by John Hendrix

Grazing bison

Tallgrass Prairie Bison
by Van Vives

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Bison Round-Up at Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

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